A family dedicated to culinary excellence

Olga Alemany

Olga Alemany, with a solid culinary training that began in Sóller and was perfected at the prestigious Can Boqueta Restaurant, has worked for seven successful seasons at the local restaurant Luna 36. Olga is the heart of our kitchen, making sure that every detail is in order. its place and that nothing is missing to offer an impeccable gastronomic experience.

Raúl Bestard

Raúl, the little brother, brings a fresh and passionate energy to our team. Although he is the youngest, he has demonstrated exceptional skill in managing the room. His enthusiasm for the world of wine and his dedication to excellence in service ensure that every visit to our restaurant is a memorable experience.

Together, we form a team committed to bringing culinary tradition and innovation to every dish, offering our guests a unique and enriching experience.

Welcome to our corner of flavor and dedication, where every detail counts and the passion for gastronomy is felt in every bite.